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Adult Dyslexia : Using Color As A Way To Treatment..

 Adult Dyslexia Treatment: Using Color
Adult Dyslexia Treatment : Using Color
Using the color is Among the methods that adults and children with dyslexia generally used to dealing with their learning difficulties and fight the ailment..

A Combat With White

Based on study, ailments such as dyslexia are occasionally afflicted with color. It can be considered that the 'glare' of white paper is the reason about exactly why kids and adults with this particular problem have a difficult time reading the page.

Somebody that has this type of dyslexia are unable to concentrate on the data they're reading on plain white paper. Hence, they have difficulty memorizing or studying the details which is written on the paper.

White paper is recognized as being extremely aversive, which can be exactly the same reason why learning has grown to be aversive likewise.

Placing Some Color Into Your World

Because of this aversion which the color white gives upon, the usage of color have been utilized in able to help make reading relatively easier, particularly to a dyslexic readers. Therefore here are a few methods about how adding color into your lifetime can transform your reading and organizational abilities significantly!

Color Coding

This technique have been confirmed efficient with a lots of dyslexics. This could have a wonderful impact on your organizational expertise. For instance, color coding your computer disks by class is a good idea. You can even try out creating distinct colored labels to stick to your disks, or even CD’s so that you can find out which one is for which use.

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Getting color coded notebooks can be achieved too. In this manner, you understand which usually notebook is perfect for exactly what class simply by looking at the color. Color coding will save you a lots of time, because you don’t need to spend your time searching through unorganized materials.


Given that the majority of printed materials available in the market are often upon white paper, highlighters could become your better friend, if you wish to read the page with some color. You could have numerous highlighters nearby any time reading books. This could furthermore be useful once you usually lose track of the meaning of whatever you are reading and what part of the book are you already.
This could look sloppy for a few people, however it can be quite ideal for dyslexics. Yet, make certain that whatsoever it's that you're featuring is yours. Stay away from featuring library books because this could lead you to pay penalties and even replace the book.

Colored Paper

Should you don’t just like highlighting data which you have written, in that case writing it down or even printing it on coloured papers can be helpful. It will help you read more effectively, while there is no glare coming from white colored papers. You can apply this if you must print out some information on the computer.

Contrasting Colours

Should you have difficulties with distinguishing right from left, then you can definitely try using colours to assist you discriminate therefore. The usage of contrasting colours, like red and blue, could be ideal.
For instance, putting on a blue sock on your right foot and a red sock on your left can assist you consider which can be which.

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This is often helpful if direction is essential with what you are doing, such as in sports. Whenever in training, rather than directing you with right and left, your trainer can just say the color, given it could be one way of associating direction for you.